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Houston TechFest 2015

Houston TechFest is an annual, one-day Internet and Technology based conference in Houston Texas, which is free and open to the Public. Respected professionals from the surrounding area discuss various topics in multiple disciplines. Hardware and Software vendors are present to discuss their products and services.

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agile.next - Houston

agile.next provides a venue for those interested in modern agile software development practices to come learn from veterans of the software development industry.

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Even more on the JavaScript Prototype Chain.

More on the JavaScript Prototype Chain.

The JavaScript Prototype Chain: Ever wonder how prototypal inheritance works in JavaScript? Here's two one-minute explanations.


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fourth episode released

Hawai'i, Sorkinville, and Politics! ... oh my: Welcome back, Bryan!

We spend more time on fewer topics in this episode.

third episode released

What If We Had a Sponsor: Filmed in TECHNICOLORTM!

second episode released

Bryan Has a Birthday: The sequel to the first episode!

polyvox is live!

Beefsteak Handshake: In our inaugural podcast, we start with the underhandedness of SourceForge and conclude with vending machines in public restrooms.