Fang and Claw

UPDATE: Due for release in May 2019

Two teenagers, one a werewolf, the other a vampire, find themselves on a breakneck adventure to save the last and hidden settlement of humans.

Marty and Bakarne, juniors at Gibbous McLain High School, have been best friends since the second grade when Marty's family moved from the highlands into the suburbs of Spire City. Between work, school dances, sports, and getting dragged to church, the two spent most waking moments together doing homework, playing video games, eating fast food, and dreaming about their lives after high school.

Until the morning during Spring Break when they find the human Landon, nearly naked, nearly dead, hiding in Marty's pool house. Shocked by an animal they thought only lived in legend, they soon learn that Landon has come out of hiding on a daring mission that will help his fellow man continue to survive in a world where they no longer belong.

In an all-out race to evade a secret society bent on the eradication of all humans and an agency tasked with an even greater evil, the two friends must struggle against their families, their government, and their own instincts to get Landon safely and secretly back to his home, a place of myth, the last outpost of homo sapiens, an area where Marty and Bakarne are the enemy.

Fang and Claw is a unique look at the struggle of teenagers in a society that asks them to act both as children and adults, free-thinking and conforming, chaste and worldly. It is the struggle of modern young adults faced with the delicate and life-changing choices that lead them through the maze of consumerism into a thoughtful adulthood.

Interested in the Development of the Novel?

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