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Friday, December 16th 2011

I planned to write a really good post, today, that clarifies my thoughts about the decisions behind C♭. Unfortunately, I didn’t start this post until 8:45pm without the same fiery passion that I normally bring to these. Instead, I think I’ll just do some stream-of-consciouness poo.

On the front page, I currently have a non-exhaustive list of items on the desk in my home office. This weekend, I think I’ll change that to something more interesting. And, this is what I think I’ll do…

Write fiction

I’ve always wanted to write fiction. I have a couple of good story arcs in my mind. I think I’ll pick one and stick with writing it like I have tried to do with this blog, one-post-per-day. That means that the weekend should see post-per-weekend of, hopefully, a chapter. That should allow those of you that like it to have time to read the chapter sometime during the week.

If you have a preference for any of the following titles, please express it as a comment at the end of this section.

Left for Dead

(This is book one of a two-part series.)

The story explores the relationship between a hard-as-nails private invetigator and her uneasy relationship with a man who has the power to sense the residue caused by the death of any living creature by looking into what he calls “The Left.”” They must partner together to prevent a near extinction of the human race.

The Pentatuch

A novel in five parts set in the 1980s midwest that observes the actions of an amoral man as he joins a group of traveling sales people. As “Wall Street” exposed the greed and power-mongering in the financial sector, this story does with the humble two-bit, blue collar hustler.

The Jester’s Court

Ten years after leaving college, five former friends receive letters from a dead woman inviting them to reunite at their college in Northern California. When they assemble, their latent individual powers activate. They must use them to discover which of the members of their group is a killer before another person dies.

Apostolic Mine

A devout man of God believes he has discovered a secret about how to restore the gifts of the Holy Spirit to the peoples of the world bringing about a new paradise on Earth. A sixteen year old girl and her younger brother must stop him before his plan destroys civilization.

The Widower’s Plan

Nineteen years after the death of his wife and daughter during labor, a man meets a seductive young woman who leads him beyond sense and reason into ever-increasing self-destructive acts. Before his own appetites consume him, he must discover the secrets of his seducer to break her hold over him.

Fang and Claw

In a world nearly completely populated by werewolves and vampires living together under a thousand-year truce, two young mismatched friends set off to discover the secret of the “Pureville,” the long lost settlement of the last of the human tribe.