Yeah, it’s bad. Really bad.

bray and I just spent a couple of hours looking at the authentication model in ASP.NET MVC.


I threw up a little in my mouth. Sorry. I’m okay.

This class from which you must inherit for authentication to work just makes my heart sink. If nothing else, Microsoft, please just provide hooks on which to hang my authentication. Then, build your stuff atop that.

I’m a big boy and understand how to write my own authentication and authorization services. Really, I do. And, thanks for providing means by which to authenticate against Active Domain and relational databases. I’ll make sure to use them in “enterprise” systems.

But, for my home-grown system, for this software that I want to write here, for the awesome product that bray gets to help create for his energetic start-up, just give us tracks on which we can run our own locomotives.

Choo choo choo choo!