Yeah, I’ve been consulting. I’m not a successful Web 2.0 company owner that sold his latest company. I’m not someone that got in on Apple at $50. Instead, I’m the guy that likes building software, has done it for a while for a variety of companies, and has struck off on his own to try to fulfill a dream of entrepreneurship.

So, to keep the money flowing, I’ve taken a consulting gig.

Man, has it drained me.

Not so much the consulting. I like that. I like designing software. I really like talking with people about software. I like sitting at the keyboard and coding to wee hours of the morning. But this gig, unlike others, has drained me. Because of the human element.

I don’t have a hard time getting along with other human beings. I have a very affable personality. And, I can handle conflict on a situation-by-situation basis. What I don’t have, though, I don’t have unlimited patience. Perhaps part of my bill rate goes to that. But, for three months, I’ve had the same conversations over and over. I don’t like repetition for repetition’s sake. And, I’ve had to endure that.

For the sake of my client, I have directed all of my software energy into this series of challenges. I have written some amazing documentation that details a software system that takes my breath away. I feel great excitement about developing it for my client, for helping their software developers come out of the Stone Age, to craft something interesting and original. That won’t happen for a little while, still.

In lieu of focusing all of my software energy and attention on the work, I now have time to work on my own projects and to resume this blog. And, none to soon, let me tell you. I miss the informal voice.

You may have noticed a small change to my front page. Some co-workers found out about my ancient hobby of cartooning. I scanned three small works and put them on the front page. They make me smile.

Anyway, that’s the two-and-one-half month absence. Now that I’ve got my blogging fingers, again, I’ll see you tomorrow.