Remember back in 1999 when the Internet still had a shine of youth, a time when Web sites still used texture-based background images and the <layer> tag still had meaning? When Web sites looked like this?

For the youngsters in the audience, when an organization would purchase a domain name, they would plaster a big “UNDER CONSTRUCTION” or “COMING SOON” page to announce and reassure that something relevant would one day appear. Well, retro guy that I am, I’ve done the same thing.

If you head over to, you’ll see the coming soon page for the borax.js-powered Web site that I’ve decided to use for real-world testing the library.

But, I put up the “COMING SOON” page so that I can exert some internal pressure to get the work done to actually complete it. Working in a relative vacuum has shown me that, left to my own devices, I’d rather participate in less productive past times. So, internal pressure, build!

I still feel passionately about borax.js and what it represents. I think that, given a reasonable structure in which to understand REST, that most developers would enjoy the real power that REST-in-the-browser can give to them. At least, the way that I see it. And, in the absence of something standards-like, the definition of REST encompasses so much more than originally intended.

So, onward and onward. And, don’t forget, when you need an excuse in a clinch, you can always turn to