Last night, I sat down to investiage my jekyll and Github Pages problem. I made a change that reverted most of my content for the blog, pushed it, and GitHub Pages built my content like a champ.

I made another change and pushed it.

Nothing. GitHub Pages failed to rebuild my content. I sent an email to the exceptional GitHubber with whom I’ve dealt and he replied with the following:

I’m sorry to tell you, but I think you’ve stumbled on another bug. It looks like Pages aren’t rebuilding when the pushes happen so close together. I’ve opened another Issue for our team to figure this out. Hopefully, we’ll get this fixed up soon, since I’m also unable to trigger a rebuild on our end.

Bummer. He said that if I want the content up, I should just build it locally and push the generated content, instead. So, I’ll do that, for now.

Hopefully, you’ll see this content. Sometime. Soon.

I still ♥ GitHub.