If you're looking to develop with .NET on your macOS system, you should probably use Visual Studio for Mac.

I created the houstontechfest2013 repository over on GitHub. It contains the presentation slides (with speaker notes) and some commented code that I went through during the presentations.

The sessions I lead

Working with the Common Intermediate Language
Regardless of the .NET language in which you write your programs, it all turns into the same stuff: Common Intermediate Language. Understanding how your programs compile can make differences in the way that you write them. Moreover, understanding how to use the CIL means that you can create programs at runtime! This seminar provides an overview of the CIL and how you can use it to make more efficient applications.
Developing Applications in C# on Your Macbook Pro
C# is a fun language! Mac OS X is a fun operating system! Putting the two together results in fun squared! This seminar will take us on the whirlwind of Mono, Monodevelop, Monomac, and writing ASP.NET applications all targeting non-Windows platforms.

What happened during those sessions

During the first session, I stayed on topic, pretty well. I had lots of good questions during the presentation. People came up to me after I finished and told me that they now knew enough to program dangerously. That made me feel satisfied.

During the second session, we spent a lot of time talking about the amount of knowledge that a traditional .NET developer would need to make MonoMac applications. This centered around the use of Xcode/Interface Builder, understanding AppKit, and understanding the bridge between .NET and Objective-C. I barely got to create a project that responded to buttons through IBOutlets and IBActions. So, that’s the code that I uploaded. If you want more examples, check out the samples at the MonoMac repository.