I just finished watching both seasons of “House of Cards” on Netflix. Admittedly, I didn’t watch-watch it; rather, I had it on the TV in my office while writing code over the weekend. However, I have can pay attention to both to a certain extent. I listened enough to feel bad: the anti-hero saddened me, the politics dispirited me. It reminded me too much of my current work environment but without the marble-lined scenery and the homicide.

Well, without the homicide, yet.

So, I got distracted by binary properties on stork and some in-browser graphing for work while listening to the TV and I failed to write this post. So, now I have and it’s better late than never.

But, is that really true? I don’t think so, myself.

Gtting things done on time is a good thing. And, if I can’t do it, I’d rather just pony up and say, “Hey, I failed!” That’s what we do in Scrum.

That’s the courage part of the agile process: admitting when we fail.

So, I failed you, dear reader. I failed you by not writing this yesterday. Of course, does this provide a balm for your bruised expectations?

It hasn’t mine.

I started the weekend angry. A coworker lit a cold fire of rage in my belly that time did not extinguish. My inability to meet my own demands, both with this blogging thing and other work that I wanted to complete over the weekend, only stoked that fire higher, hotter, colder, whatever. I lost the thread on that metaphor, dammit.

And, “House of Cards” didn’t help my lack of calm.

I don’t like this “better late than never” sentiment. I only do this because I owe it to myself and I really hate to fail.