Three guys with whom I work have created a repository over at GitHub for the express purpose to hone their JavaScript craft. They use Issues tracker to log the subjects they want to study. I admire this use of GitHub.

You can find the repository at

The three fellows of whom I write:

Some of the issues they have listed:

And, that’s just an abridged version. These guys want to understand a language!

I really like this novel use of GitHub

Anyway, it’s just a nice way to leverage GitHub. And, until they delete the repository, everyone can learn from their learning.

It’s nice to be around these guys because they don’t fear telling me my code sucks. Thank you, gents, for your honesty.

And, they’re starting a Houston JS Users Group!

I have no details about it other than the first meeting happens on or around June 26, 2014. So, if you love JavaScript (like all the cool kids do), then watch @DevlinLiles‘ twitter account, I guess. He put this on there, so I figure he’ll post more. He likes to write, it seems.