Where Am I?

Vacation. Where else?

Just hanging out at this lake house in the Sam Houston National Forest, surrounded by a couple hundred acres of undeveloped land.

Not. Thinking.


ChromeTabControl and Visual Children in WPF

A rename, some functionality, and an interesting feature of WPF.

I’ve renamed the classes, projects, and solution for the project because I didn’t want to infringe on Google’s IP. Thank you, philipmat, for pointing out their trademark and thank you, Google, for letting me search out the particulars of your intellectual property.

Since Friday, I’ve committed

  • Changed mode on most files. Make resizing work correctly.
  • Make the unselectable tab selectable (a tab with no ChromeTabItem as the child)
  • Make the little round button for closing
  • Remove objects from the mapping dictionary to prevent “memory leaks”
  • Now tabs close nicely for the tab control
  • AddTab/RemoveTab functionality demonstrated
  • Moved the responsibility of dragging tabs from the tab item to the tab panel
  • Added “Close selected tab” button on test window
  • Draw the “add tab” button and have it react to mouse over for color change
  • Wire up the add button to add a tab

Those last two commits demonstrated a feature that I knew about WPF but never had use to exercise: the difference between the logical tree and the visual tree.

Google Chrome-Like WPF Tab Control

An introduction to a new GitHub project and a call for participation.

Yesterday, I pushed my initial import of a Google Chrome-like tab control for WPF to a new GitHub repo. I have it rendering the look of the tabs and some very rudimentary dragging of the tabs. I don’t like the implementation of the dragging, yet, so I’ll have to fix that.

I’ve released it under my favorite FOSS license, the MIT license. Feel free to make a million dollars off of it, use it in your commercial software, or whatever. However, if you do make a million dollars off of it, please send a little my way. Help support FOSS.

(This project’s for you, eb² and DrH. :)

Now in <= IE8

Holy moly!

I started showing my blog around to some folks. They had IE8 installed. Or, IE7. I mean, WTF, right?

Well, here you go, users of the Internet that don’t have a “good” browser. My site now looks correct in your silly browser.

What did I do? I added the “Hey, IE! This is HTML5! Deal with it!” script. It looks like this.

var html5elmeents = "address|article|aside|audio|canvas|" +
"command|datalist|details|dialog|" +
"figure|figcaption|footer|header|" +
"hgroup|keygen|mark|meter|menu|nav|" +
for(var i = 0; i < html5elmeents.length; i += 1) {

IE will apply styles to the elements if you define them in the DOM as a “valid” element.

I named the script “ie-sucks.js” and put it on the site.

Hope you enjoy, IE-users.

For those of you in Chrome and Firefox, you get the gold star, today.