gohaml v2 Coming Soon...

In which I reiterate what's in the title.

I have a relatively difficult-to-understand and, therefore, difficult-to-maintain implementation of HAML over at gohaml. I’ve kept it “up-to-date” as Go has matured to version 1.0. Now that it has, it’s time for me to make good on something better for the open-source community.

First off, the new gohaml will pass all tests in the excellent haml-spec fork that I’ve created to run gohaml against it. As soon as I get those passing, I’ll submit the pull request to the real haml-spec for inclusion in their repository.

Secondly, gohaml has a new structure. Hopefully it will make the whole of the library easier to understand and conform more to the structure of the Ruby implementation of HAML from which all good HAML-ness flows.