Using an old project called autotest

In which I find happiness from two years ago.

A friend and I have started building a thing. Not an interesting thing for most people; however, for me, it serves a community to which I belong. A community underserved by technology. So, with that in mind, I’m trying to help folks out and make a little in the process. Really, just a little. Enough to cover infrastructure and the time we’ve put into it.

Anyway, as with all software that I write, I need tests. Yes. I wrote need on purpose. I try hard to distinguish between my “needs” and “wants”. Sometimes I get ahead of myself and tests help reign in my enthusiasm so I don’t drop the eighteen eggs. Just saw a guy do that in the parking lot of the grocery store, today. Pretty sure they were cage-free which, as we all know, doesn’t really mean squat.

All those tests. I got tired of running them over and over. Worse off, all of the autorunners were puking on my project. Sad. Really sad. If only I had used a language and platform that has all kinds of things to help me. Oh well.

Then, I remembered I once wrote a little automated file watcher/test runner. I find it odd that I didn’t think about it before. I headed over to my open-source repositories over on GitHub… there!


I cloned it.

I ran it.


Didn’t have to modify a single line of code.

Thank you, me. I’m glad you were here a while ago.