jade View Engine for Yahoo! Mojito

In which I present a Yahoo! Mojito view engine for jade.

I like jade.

I like mojito.

Now, they work together.

Moodeling In Color: Date Effective Entities

In which I write about date effective entities and moment-intervals.

I have spent the last month with some really smart guys who have been tasked to distill a problem domain into connected domain-neutral components. All of them have had years of experience modeling domains; however, this exercise represents their introduction to modeling in color. As such, they have challenged my articulations of the domain-neutral component. I address one such challenge in this post: date effectiveness and the Ā«moment-intervalĀ» class archetype.

Setup ASP.NET MVC 5 on MonoDevelop 4.2

In which I provide steps to get ASP.NET MVC 5 running on MonoDevelop 4.2

The information in this article is seriously out of date. It will probably not work for you. Please, don't try it unless you absolutely have to try it.

Instead, maybe you should try Visual Studio for Mac.

This is an update to the earlier post Setup ASP.NET MVC 4 on MonoDevelop 4.1.