ReST, HTML, JavaScript, and URIs

In which I revisit one of my favorite subjects: ReST over HTTP

We created data- attributes in HTML5 so servers could embed application-specific information in the structural representation of a resource. The IANA also provides a directory of meaningful link relationship types for use in HTML documents. If we comply with ReST over HTTP, then we should use those to contain the information that our JavaScript uses. Otherwise, we end up breaking the core tenets of ReST and our applications become difficult to maintain and extend.

Why Does MSDN Throttle Non-IE Downloads?

In which I complain about MSDN's downloads.

I wanted to download the ISO for Microsoft SQL Server from MSDN, today. I started the download from Safari on OS X. The download plateaued at 377 Kb/s. Um, WTF?

I have “high-speed” Internet. So, I fired up a Windows 8.1 VM in VMware Fusion. I started the download from IE 10. It plateaued at 2 Mb/s. Um, WTF?

I killed that download and went back to Safari. The download plateaued at 379 Kb/s.

I killed that download and went back to IE 10. The download plateaued at 2.4 Mb/s.

Um, WTF?

So, thanks, MSDN. Thanks for screwing my download experience.


Rambling Toward the Sunset

In which I just kind of write some stuff of no great importance about agile on big projects.

Hi. It’s been a while, I know. Sorry about that. How’ve you been?

Me? Well, I’m still working my butt off on this project.

Yeah, that’s the one.

What’s changed since we talked last? Some more really smart people joined. Some really bad ones left. We’re just starting to hit our stride fully.

Yep, still agile. Big project agile. And -

No, “big project agile” does not mean “waterfall”, dork. Some people would probably argue that statement, especially in the so-called enterprise. As if big IT is the enemy of agility.