Speeding Up My node.js Build

In which I share my use of gulp-newer.

One day I say to you, “I have a large node.js project.”

“How large is it,” you ask with a slightly suggestive smirk on your face, with echoes of “That’s what she said” ringing quietly in the background.

I grimace because, quite frankly, I should have seen it coming. “My build time has exceeded 11 seconds, now.”

You gape at me increduously. “Node project? Are you sure you’re not programming C# in Visual Studio with build times like that?”

“Yeah. Node. Eleven seconds.”

“Dude,” you commisserate.

“I know.”

“What are you doing that takes that long?”

“I compile SASS, ES6 with babel, and minify some big client-side ECMAscript files. I do some other stuff, too, but that seems to take the most time.”

“And, that’s eleven seconds?”


You look at me. You just look at me. I hang my head in shame while we go off to the coffee shop.

Hello, World. Again.

In which I try this blog thing, again.

Oh, my.

Since we last got together, it seems that 154 days have passed. That’s quite a long time, even between casual acquaintances. One might posit that such a long absence relegates us back to strangers.

Alas. Alack. Alas and alack. How melancholy. [melancholy]

Let me tell you about my entertainment choices for the past couple of days.