Two and a Half Years Later...

A note from the present about the past

Hi. I’m back. Not that it really means anything other than you may choose to read some more stuff of mine. Or, not. It’s fine by me either way.

I’ve been traveling a lot and thinking about what I should do with my life. Now that I’m an empty nester, just me in a big ol’ house, I can do things, other things, things that don’t have to put food in my kids’ mouths because their mouths are off on their own journies of adulthood.

The past two years have revealed a lot to me about who I am, what I can tolerate, and what I must run away from. I’ll probably write about all that, little by little.

I’ve moved the content from jekyll to hexo. So, if you find something broken, you can chalk it up to that.

Welcome back.