Bakarne Darksun Maltor
One-sentence summary of the character's storyline
Bakarne, an only child raised in a liberal and libertine household and proponent of doing What's Right, feels that she must help Landon achieve his goal even if it causes detrimental effects in her own life.
The character's motivation (what does she want abstractly?)
Bakarne believes that she has a purpose in life: to make the world a better place and wants, very badly, to achieve that.
The character's goal (what does she want concretely?)
Bakarne feels compelled to help Landon finish his mission because she thinks he has overwhelming odds stacked against him and the preservation of his people would make the world a better place.
The character's conflict (what prevents her from reaching her goal?)

Bakarne sees Landon like a stray puppy, helpless and hapless. By extension, she initially sees all of humankind that way. She sees that the preservation of humankind as a way to make the world a better place, as the right thing to do, even though she thinks Landon and his race know little-to-nothing about civilization and should probably become more like the werewolves and vampires.

Both the Antisapiers and Department of Growth and Stability propose that a better world does not mean that Landon's plan must succeed. Each group offers different interpretations of the Better World perspective, each trying to appeal to her sense of vanity that wraps her sense of greater purpose. The Antisapiers attempt to persuade her that the eradication of humankind is the better alternative because it will rid the world of a possible danger of war and death to the werewolves and vampires races. The DOGS imply that the absorption of the human bloodlines into the normal races will make the world a better place because it unifies the species and guarantee long-term survival of life as she knows it.

The character's ephiphany (what will she learn, how will she change?)
Bakarne will become comfortable that humans have their own agency and that making the world a better place is not always the clear-cut set of outcomes that she had been lead to believe. She will come to understand that there is no One Right Way to live and abandon her sense of control over Landon and the humans.
One-paragraph summary of the character's storline
Bakarne has led a life steered by a strong moral compass instilled in her by her academician mother and deacon father. Sometimes she annoys her peers with her goody-two-shoes personality that manifests itself in actions like feeding stray cats and picking up trash in a parking lot. When she sees Landon for the first time, she approaches the situation like that of a wounded bird, something that needs feeding and caring and, hopefully, release back into the wild. Landon's story of saving Puritawn moves her to coordinate the theft of the Hȳdan with Marty. It is during the preparation for the theft that the DOGS pull her aside and appeal to her sense of duty for her self, her race, and how the incorporation of humankind into their races is best for the entire planet. She denies knowing anything about Landon to them. The DOGS wipe her memory of the incident and put a tracking charm on her. After the heist, she accompanies Marty and Landon back to Puritawn and is saved on the way by Marty when the Antisapiers attack them at a rest stop, but she is the one that kills their assailant. In Puritawn, she is taken prisoner by the humans when the DOGS reveal that she was the ones that led them there. She is left to die in her cell until Landon frees her with Marty's help. They escape to the edge of the EM field where the DOGS take her and Marty into custody. They are brought to stand trial for treason because they helped the humans before the theocratic council that governs Spire City. It is Bakarne's father who finds the loophole in ancient texts that allows her freedom but not Marty's. She refuses to abandon her friend and finds that she has no power to do so. She goes free and Marty gets sentenced to a forced labor camp.