Landon Justin Breir
One-sentence summary of the character's storyline
Landon, the last of the functioning Foragers of the human settlement Puritawn, has been tasked with finding a Hȳdan, one of the pieces of the machine invented by the scientist Darius Stancu, to hide the last of humanity from the magical world.
The character's motivation (what does she want abstractly?)
Landon wants to protect Puritown from discovery and annihalation.
The character's goal (what does she want concretely?)
Landon must sneak into Spire City, steal the Hȳdan from the Museum of Natural Sciences and Antiquities, and make it back to Puritown four hundred miles away.
The character's conflict (what prevents her from reaching her goal?)

The Antisapiers have been alerted of the presence of a human through magical wards set on the outskirts of Spire City by their society's progenitors. The alerts have signalled the begin of a manhunt to find Landon and extract the location of Puritawn from hiym so they can finally kill off the last human.

The Department of Growth and Stability knows of the Antisapiers' mission and wants to intercept Landon before the Antisapiers can kill him. The DOGS wants the location of Puritawn to take the humans hostage and force them into a breeding program to renew the maginetic *(#mag) stock of the world, since diluted by the continued growth of vampiric and lyncathropic populations.

Landon must overcome his years of cultural immersion that werewolves and vampires are evil. Without casting aside those biases, he will not be able to accept Bakarne's and Marty's help.

The character's ephiphany (what will she learn, how will she change?)
Landon will discover that his fear and distrust of vampire and werewolf are generally incorrect. His mood will soften as he experiences the influences of Bakarne and Marty, eventually protecting them from his own people.
One-paragraph summary of the character's storline
Landon, one of the few humans with active magical abilities, was trained as a Forager, someone that can seek and find items. These abilities are usually practiced on finding items in Puritawn's twin warehouses or for food during hunting and gathering missions. When the Hȳdan that focuses the electomagnetic shield over Puritawn and its surrounding regions is damaged in an accident, Landon is tasked with seeking out a replacement from Spire City, he being the only Forager under the age of 57. Landon makes it to Spire City's suburbs where magical wards ensnare him for the Antisapiers. He breaks free from the trap and suffers serious injury in doing so. He finds shelter in Marty's pool house. He reacts unfavorably to being discovered by Bakrne and Marty, but has no choice but to accept their offer of assistance due to his wounds. He provides Bakarne and Marty with the location of the Hȳdan and has to trust that they will retrieve it for him. Once they do, he feels relieved and, with their assistance, sets out on the trip back to Puritawn. During the trek back, he helps through the use of his Foraging ability and protects the trio from an Antisapiers attack. When they arrive at Puritawn, he attempts to keep Marty and Bakarne safe, but Bakarne's presence allows the DOGS to track them to the edge of Puritawn territory. Skirmishes erupt between DOGS and humans and Landon must now figure out a way to help his companions escape from Puritawn and the angry humans. He must prevent the reactivation of the Hȳdan which will repel the DOGS before getting Bakarne and Marty to safety lest the field kill them. He does this by using his Foraging abilities to discover a portable Hȳdan dampener which will prevent his companions from dying under the EM field. He helps them make it to the edge of the field where he bids them farewell.

* Maginetics is the study of the DNA of the population supported by magic, specifically vampires and werewolves. ^