Martinus "Marty" abra Steelspring abra Willowglen abra Lakeside

(abra is the matrilineage indicator used by lyncanthropes)

One-sentence summary of the character's storyline
Marty, the son of a werewolf and vampire step-mother, gay in a community that does not accept that, an outcast in high school with really only Bakarne as a friend, uses the discovery and aid of Landon as an angry rebellion against a society that teaches tolerance but breeds contempt.
The character's motivation (what does she want abstractly?)
Marty wants to lash out in rage against the society in which he lives that does not practice the tolerance upheld as the ideal of the community.
The character's goal (what does she want concretely?)
Marty thinks that helping Landon is a great affront to the society that offends him. In helping Landon achieve his goal of stealing the Hȳdan and helping Landon back to Puritawn, Marty hopes that these actions of rebellion will cause his schoolmates, family, and wider society to start examining what he believes is the breakdown of their culture.
The character's conflict (what prevents her from reaching her goal?)
Marty is angry and acts out in passive-aggressive ways. His unwillingness to back down prevents him from seeing more than his side of an argument, more than his own perspective of an issue.
The character's ephiphany (what will she learn, how will she change?)
Marty realizes that his act of defiance in helping Landon has consequences that he cannot fight, that in acting out he must accept the punishment meted out to him.
One-paragraph summary of the character's storline
Though his werewolf father married a vampire after his birth mother died when he was eight, Marty considers his family too traditional for his tastes. He hides his sexuality from his father and others in his community because werewolves are adamantly straight and consider sex without the purpose of breeding amoral. This has led him to a life of self-imposed isolation. His relationship with Bakarne has started to falter over the past year due to that isolation. He spends more and more time doing solitary activities like long-distance running and swimming. Though he thinks that his family and community are too old-fashioned, his immediate response to finding Landon is that of disgust and horror. Only through Bakarne's persuasion does he reluctantly begin to help the human. When he discovers Landon's objective, he starts to think of it as a way to force his community to change the way they see him and, in turn, how they see werewolves like him. He helps Bakarne steal the Hȳdan with gusto. He takes his shuttle to drive them back toward Puritawn. When the Antisapiers attack the group, it is his anger that allows him to break free of their control. He ends up helping Landon and Bakarne free themselves. When Bakarne ends up with a weapon, it is his forceful urging that contributes to her choice to kill their captor. In Puritawn, once the DOGS attack, the humans savagely beat him. When Landon find him broken, Marty relies on him to get Bakarne and escape the town before the EM field regenerates. The DOGS take Bakarne and Marty to be judged for their crimes. Marty offers no defense and, without defiance, admits guilt to all of the charges against him. When they lead him away to the forced labor camp, he tells Bakarne to not worry about him, that he deserves and accepts the punishment, and that she should take the freedom given to her. In the labor camp, a month later, Marty learns that the members of the Antisapiers have been discovered and charged with crimes against the state because humankind is a matter for the DOGS.