I continue to program in C# even though I don’t consider it my favorite language. The experience of starting a VM on my Macbook Pro to use Visual Studio 2010 on Microsoft Windows 7 quickly paled. I downloaded and installed Monodevelop 2.8.5 so that I could compile C# without a VM.

For example, I use Monodevelop to work on sqlcop.

Unfortunately, on OSX, the System.Windows.Forms namespace draws the GUI through functionality of System.Drawing. When I execute the GUI runner for NUnit, I find it unacceptably slow. I want my unit tests to execute fast.

The nunit-console.exe runner does execute the tests fast. However, getting the darn thing to run can be quite a hassle. Follow these easy steps to run nunit-console.exe under Mono on OSX.

  • Add the path to your installation of ./net-2.0/framework to MONO_PATH.
  • Change the working directory of your command line to the output directory for your tests.
  • Run mono --debug <relative path to nunit-console> --nologo --noshadow <test dll>

And that should do it. Test with clarity!