Well, I’ve spent three weeks on sqlcop and haven’t even made it out of the JOIN statement. I knew writing a parser for T-SQL could take a while; however, I did not realize that T-SQL has so many forms!

I expect that if I spent eight hours per day, five days a week on sqlcop, then I could finish the project in six weeks. Since I can spend, at most, 10 hours per week on the project, that translates to a six-month project.

Six months.

I don’t think I can do that.

So, unless someone wants to help, I think I’ve got to put sqlcop on the back burner. If someone does want to help, I can point you in a direction so that you can participate in the project without conflicting with the work done already.

So, sqlcop goes into hibernation for a little while. I should get back to it, every now and then, and have a release by the end of the year. I get 12 months, you get to wait 12 months, and all is good.

<wink>Oh, if you want to pay me to finish it, I’ll finish it quickly.</wink>