Ok, things have started to slow down in my personal and professional life. It seems that I have time, again, to work on BORAX.

And there was much rejoicing. “yay.”

I started the changes, this morning, with creating some other files for BORIC. Then, I added jake as a development dependency. Finally, I added a script to the BORAX package to build the borax-in-client.js file. I did this to make the size of the files on which I work more manageable. I’ll probably get some EcmaScript minifier as part of the build process, too, for a “production” build.

With the next volley of work, I’ll make the state of the current application a first-order idea for BORIC. Then, I’ll have BORIC wire transitions found in the current rendering (if possible) and provide hooks for dynamic state transitions engineered from any code-on-demand-driven logic.

That shoud make BORIC pretty darn usable.

Then, I’ll switch back over to BORIS and get some convenience functions to serve the new convenience types expected by BORIC for node.js and, maybe, ASP.NET MVC, if I remember how to write code for that framework. <wink />

Finally, I’ll head back over to BORIC to implement some templating mechanisms for Knockout.js and plates. With all of that in place, BORAX should provide a good enough stack to release as an alpha version. At that point, as I wrote in a previous article, I’ll use BORAX to build my novelty excuse generation site.

If you notice any holes in this development plan, leave a note so I don’t miss out on anything.