I don’t like dimes.

They’re small. They’re pathetic. They’ve got that ridged edge. They make my fingers smell like inexpensive metal. They don’t represent the greatness of the man on them, Dwight D. Eisenhower.

I’d rather have two nickels than a dime.

I’d rather have just one nickel.

I don’t like frameworks.

They’re huge. They’re overwhelming. They’ve got that undocumented API. They make my fingers sweat from too much implementation. They don’t represent the intelligence of the software programmers that implement them.

I’d rather have two toolkits that solve my problems.

I’d rather have just the compiler.

I don’t like eggsalad sandwiches.

They’re messy. They’re globby. They’ve got that too-much-mayonnaise problem. They make my fingers smell like eggs and celery. They don’t represent the deliciousness that a sandwich could achieve.

I’d rather have two ear infections than an eggsalad sandwich.

I’d rather have tuna.

I don’t like homegrown IDEs.

They’re slow. They’re feature-poor. They’ve got that collection of bad-usability problems. They make my fingers ache from switching from keyboard to mouse to keyboard to mouse. They don’t represent the polished state-of-the-art you find in <your fav IDE/text editor>.

I’d rather have two instances of Notepad++ than a homegrown IDE.

I’d rather have a dime.