I just updated this site to use jekyll v.1. It builds my site faster which is good during the local development of a new posting. It also has better messages about the build, including a “done” indicator which the last version I ran did not have. Here’s some actual output from saving this file:

Regenerating: 1 files at 2013-05-17 11:35:36 …done.

That’s awesome.

The best feature, by far, is the support of the _drafts folder that contains works in progress. Previously, you had to specify the date of the post for a future date and use the --future option to get those included in the site build. Too much work!

Now, just put a new markdown document in the _drafts folder and they show up at the top of the list using the file’s last modified time. Awesome!

If you have a blog and want to use something other than Wordpress, try out jekyll and use GitHub Pages to host the content.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy!