Work is crazy, these past few months. We bought a control set from one of those widget companies. That got us 80%+ of the way there. However, now we need a very special kind of control.

We need a grid that freezes columns on the left and right.

“What’s that?” you ask, astounded and bemused.

Yes, frozen columns on the left and right of the grid. Horizontal scrolling in the middle. Vertical scrolling moves the whole shebang.

This ain’t your grandmother’s grid.

Guess what: no one that I can find has this offering.

Guess what: we’re going to have to build it ourselves.

Guess what: it’s going to be fun.

But, maybe not

My good friend, Bryan thinks he’s got an adaptation for the current suite of widgets that we bought.

Two simultaneous reactions to that: “thank Goodness” and “aw, shucks”.

Possible upcoming quiet

I know that this is supposed to be Blog-a-Day May! However, if this eats up all my time, these posts may end up being status reports.

Nothing interesting here. Please keep moving.

I hope not.

We’ll see.