My Houston Tech Fest Materials Posted on GitHub

In which I send you over to GitHub to look at stuff I did.

If you're looking to develop with .NET on your macOS system, you should probably use Visual Studio for Mac.

I created the houstontechfest2013 repository over on GitHub. It contains the presentation slides (with speaker notes) and some commented code that I went through during the presentations.

Setup ASP.NET MVC 4 on MonoDevelop 4.1

In which I provide steps to get ASP.NET MVC 4 running on MonoDevelop 4.1

Newer instructions for ASP.NET MVC 5

I have newer instructions for newer tech over at Setup ASP.NET MVC 5 on MonoDevelop 4.2.

The information in this article is seriously out of date. It will probably not work for you. Please, don't try it unless you absolutely have to try it.

Instead, maybe you should try Visual Studio for Mac.