The flatiron library is no more. So, other than reading stuff, there just isn't all that much relevant stuff, here.

Today, more training, more test-driven training. The group of attendees really seems to enjoy it. Yay! Because of this, I didn’t really work on anything else non-work related, except…

…I ran into a couple of problems when using flatiron/plates. You may recall my series of articles on flatiron that I posted about a month ago and the follow-up update that I posted because of the plates reëngineering. I found what I considered a bug. It goes like this.

Given the HTML template

<input name="method" value=""><input name="id" value="">

and the data

var data = {
method: 'DELETE',
id: 7

then I would expect the following plates binding

var map = Plates.Map();

to result in

<input name="method" value="DELETE"><input name="id" value="7">

However, plates ignored the matching where/is clause in the binding code and would just bind will-nilly such that the code above actually resulted in

<input name="method" value="7"><input name="id" value="7">
<!-- ^
incorrect value | -->

I went poking around the plates code, found the problem, wrote a test, fixed the problem, ran the tests, ran the performance tests, optimized the code, ran the performance tests, and felt generally happy about it all.

Then, I saw a request in the issues list about creating attributes if they don’t exist and realized what I just implemented would make that solution trivial. So, I went ahead and included that fix in my code.

Openend a pull request.

Forgot all about it.

Last week, I got a message from the plates developers. They had made some changes to their master branch which made my pull request un-mergeable. They asked for a refresh. I pulled the updates from their master into mine on Saturday and forgot about it.

On the bus ride into work, this morning, I didn’t have any important code to write. Just poking around my local repos, I remembered that merge. Update. Move some content to new files. Run tests. Shazam! Everything worked.

Pushed the code while at Starbuck’s. hij1nx merged my pull request around 3pm.


Contributing never felt so good.