I found this really great sign while in Shanghai. Lovers of words may like it, too.

pernicious garbage

I had some time between work and walking around Shanghai to work through the summaries of the main three characters in the story. If you’re interested in following along, you can check out the links.


That’s right, you’ll know more about the story than you’ll want if you want to read the story fresh. So, there’s that.

I’m trying out the Snowflake method of writing, so this is Step 3 of the process. I completed them a couple of days ago. I’ve spent the time since thinking about this world that I’ve started creating, trying to answer the questions like

  • What kind of world do Marty and Bakarne live in?
  • What culture has emerged for them over the past millennium?
  • How do they think and act and react to things?

I’ve decided that it will resemble what we have, no, in the early 20th century with, hopefully, enough differences to make it a unique culturescape. This is the hardest part for me on this deadline: world building a complete world.

Enough blah blah blah. Here are the links, if you want them. Again, if you read them, the story may unfold prematurely for you. Mind you, these aren’t static. They’ll probably change as I continue to develop the story. But, I (mostly) like where they’re at, so that’s a start. This may be the farthest I’ve ever made it into planning a novel. Yay!

Have feedback? You know how to get a hold of me. If you don’t know how to get a hold of me, then do not worry. I’ll publish some contact information later. I’ll probably just set up a GitLab repo to take feedback through the issue tracker.